One-stop Office Renovation Services

Space Optimization

CTN Interior provides a solution for one stop renovation in Malaysia. Space is a resource that many of us often overlook. An overly cramped space is a nightmare to work in for many of us. You can boost productivity and efficiency simply by optimizing your available space. These include planning your furniture layout to maximize usage of your space. A conducive and comfortable working environment works wonders on your day-to-day operations. Share your thought with us and our experts can provide more professional suggestions regarding leasing or purchasing for your business. Make best with your available space with our space optimization services.


Project Management

Renovating an office space or your corporate building is an exciting prospect. However, it does come with its fair share of challenges as well. Projects of this scale are not just about you slapping together several pieces of furniture and then call it a day. Extensive planning goes into making sure that each stage of the process goes without a hitch.

The contractor has to submit all the work drawings, specifications and finished schedules to us in order to ensure adherence to our design. We will review all of the things before approving the materials, finishes, and color samples.


Interior Design

Creative and Collaborative come into our thinking to ensure a meaningful and fruitful design for your office space. In CTN, we believe that a great environment promotes great ideas. We put effort into designing the ideal space that is best suited to your unique needs and demands.

Our designers will craft a design that is uniquely yours. With years of experience under our belt, we understand the importance of a well-designed space. Speak to us about your concepts and ideas, and we will be able to expand upon your horizon for a truly customized one-stop renovation experience in Malaysia.


Interior Fit Out

Your space should be a physical representation of your unique design concept. The challenge in transferring design ideas into physical space requires skill and expertise. In CTN, we ensure that the entire fit-out process is done according to planning for high quality. We ensure our quality of work can construct and build your office within the defined time frame and budget. We do not take lightly the trust that customers have invested in us and thus building responsibly is our greatest quality of work.


After Sales Services

We are proud to have a comprehensive service line which includes after sales services. As a company that provides one-stop renovation in Malaysia, CTN concerns about the employees’ quality, we always provide updated technically knowledgeable and well-trained personnel to service our existing customer. Our philosophy renders our customer to have faith in us knowing that our service team personnel are always ready to provide assistance whenever and wherever it is required. Customer confidence is what made CTN Interiors a prime choice for many of our clients.