Malaysia Modern Office Space Interior Design Concepts & Ideas

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Malaysia Modern Office Space Interior Design Concepts & Ideas

Modern office spaces are designed to be more than just providing a space for employees to work in. Nowadays, the workplace is where brilliant ideas are generated and creativity flows free. Besides stimulating ideas, making your workplace more inviting and exciting can make all the difference in attracting some of the top talents in the position. Here are some modern office interior design concepts that will definitely help inspire some interesting ideas.

1. Open Office Design

One of the most popular designs in modern companies, open office space design ideas get rid of traditional cubicles in favor of a spacious open floor plan. Being less restrictive, open office concepts promote an engaging workspace where employees are encouraged to practice a collaborative effort. By eliminating unnecessary partitions, teamwork and communication can be fostered. The spacious and non-restrictive workplace makes employees feel more communication, friendly and approachable to one another too.   


2. Nature

Being close to nature has always been known to have a calming and relaxing effect on your mind and body. If you cannot bring the office to nature, you bring nature back to your office. While you do not necessarily have to build an indoor waterfall, having a wall filled with vines and plants can work wonders. Other than being soothing on the eyes, plants can even help to purify the air and adds oxygen to reinvigorate your employees. If traditional rugs and carpets are not your things, you can even consider bringing in some artificial grass. Some modern office interior design concepts also bring in natural organic elements such as wood and bamboo for a tranquil look.


3. Ergonomics

It is almost a necessity now for companies to incorporate ergonomic furniture pieces into their office space design ideas. Long gone are the days where you would have to be stuck on an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. Ergonomic pieces such as chairs with lumbar support and height adjustable tables are some of the furniture that will make working less of a strain on your body. A healthy working lifestyle will make your employees less susceptible to physical discomfort which in turn, promotes productivity. 


4. Shapes and colours

Modern companies are doing away with the notion that office spaces have to be formal.  Having vibrant colors can lighten up the mood and stimulate creative ideas. While you do not need to have furniture pieces in every shade of the rainbow, adding some flair to your traditional black and white can help brighten up the office. Having some interesting feature wall or throw in a couple of Designer pieces are excellent and easy options. Accessorize with different shapes to add another dimension to your office space. As “Less is More” .


5. Have some fun

Nothing says more about an exciting company other than having a swanky pool table in the office. While traditionalists may argue that having the pool and foosball tables distract employees, the reality is that they provide an outlet for employees to recharge and de-stress after a long day of work. Some of the crazier office space design ideas even have built-in slides. Companies can also have better prospects in attracting the best talents as everyone enjoys a workplace that promotes a fun and exciting culture. Having a pool competition once in a while can even be a great bonding opportunity for employees.

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